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5 Ways To Reduce EMF Exposure at Night - Deep Sleep Optimization, Part 2 [2019]
Today we are going to talk about how to reduce EMF exposure at night, and diminish #electromagnetic #pollution to get more deep sleep.

This will mitigate the dangers of EMF exposure, allowing your body to get into a state of deep relaxation.

But what is EMF?

#EMF’s stand for electromagnetic fields and are defined by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences as INVISIBLE areas of #energy, often referred to as #radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power.

Devices that continuously emit EMF radiation at levels that damage your mitochondria include your #cellphone, cellphone towers, #Wi-Fi routers and modems, baby monitors and #devices of all kinds, including smart meters and smart appliances.

Watch my NEW video now and learn how to reduce EMF exposure at night, ensure a solid protection from EMF exposure and how to diminish electromagnetic pollution in your home to get the perfect deep sleep that you deserve.

In this series I'll also teach you how to sleep better, how to sleep smarter, my top secrets to better sleep and all the newest research on how to improve the quality of your sleep, in general.


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Achieving Optimal Mental & Physical Performance Doesn’t Have to Be Hard:

these strategies and mistakes to avoid that I share in my videos won’t just

• increase the success of your fasting lifestyle

• make you lose fat

• make you look great

• have healthy lean body mass

(those are all great things don’t get me wrong), but they all have to do with making you as healthy as possible so you can achieve optimal human performance.

That is my goal: To get you as healthy as possible and for you to reach your true human potential.




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