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How to Reset Your Circadian Rhythm Naturally, in 4 Easy Steps (Deep Sleep Optimization, Part 1)

Learn These 4 Easy Steps To Optimize And Reset Your Circadian Rhythm Naturally, Plus 4 Quick Strategies To Limit Blue Light Exposure Before Bed. Having a broken internal sleep clock can ruin your day to day activities, so today I want to teach you how to reset your circadian rhythm naturally: why?
Because learning how to reboot your sleep cycle is one of the most important skills you can develop to TAKE FULL CONTROL of your health, and energy output.

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Does Coffee Break Your Intermittent Fast?

Everyone who has followed me knows I am one of the biggest advocates of fasting there is. The amazing topic of fasting inspired me to write my first book on this for crying out loud! I incorporate several fasting routines in my life, from daily intermittent fasts to...

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My Top 3 Detox Tips

Detoxing, or the removal of toxic wastes from your body is something very important for optimal human performance. Toxic wastes mostly refer to things like heavy metals, which not only are neurotoxic themselves, meaning they are poisonous to your brain, spinal cord,...

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Tired of working out 6 times per week and Prepping 5 Meals per Day?

Absolutely everything you need to start doing less to improve your health, is covered in this book.