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Achieving Optimal Mental & Physical Performance Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

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These strategies and mistakes to avoid won’t just increase the success of your fasting lifestyle, make you lose fat, look great, have healthy lean body mass (those are all great things don’t get me wrong), but they all have to do with making you as healthy as possible so you can achieve optimal human performance.

That is my goal: To get you as healthy as possible and for you to reach your true human potential. Period.

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I used to be ashamed of my story and just the thought of ever sharing it created fear, insecurity, and anxiety within me. My story is painful to tell but I believe it’s essential to share for the purpose of showing you that I’m not perfect. I’m not special. I have made mistakes and don’t have some human superpower. I believe that if I as able to overcome the obstacles I was faced with, you can too…

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The Truth About Sleep Hacks: 10 Ways To Biohack Your Sleep For Optimal Energy (Deep Sleep Optimization, Part 5)

Are you able to get enough sleep but DON’T feel refreshed in the morning? (Maybe you’re feeling groggy, tired or flat out sleep deprived)… Today we are going to dive into the top Biohacks you can use to take your deep sleep to the next level.

After having covered the basic aspects of how to optimize your circadian rhythm and environment, how to diminish EMF exposure, and supplements scientifically proven to aid in sleep, today we are going to dive into additional tips and strategies to take you from a good sleeper to a truly optimized sleeper.

And specifically, in this new article and video we are going to go over:

• Binaural Beats And Nature Sounds
• Hot-Cold Alteration Therapy
• Red Light Filters For iPhones
• Gravity Blankets
• Food Tricks
• Meditation
• Controlled Breathing
• Mouth Tape
• Sleep Trackers
• Advanced Sleep Biohacks

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The 8 Best Sleep Supplements That ACTUALLY Work: L-Theanine, Melatonin, Tryptophan And More… (Deep Sleep Optimization, Part 4)

Ready to dive into the BEST SUPPLEMENTS you can use to take your sleep to the next level?

Now that we have covered the basic aspects of how to optimize your circadian rhythm, your sleep environment, and how to diminish EMF exposure as much as possible for restorative deep sleep, we are going to dive into the top supplements you can use to take your deep sleep to a new level.

The supplements we are going to go over in this article are additional tips and strategies to take you from an already good sleeper to a truly OPTIMIZED sleeper.

And in this article and video, we are going to go over the following 8 supplements, plus MY OWN STRATEGIES, what I personally do (and the supplements I take) before sleep, to ensure a great night’s sleep.

Here are my top sleep supplements:

– Magnesium
– L-Theanine
– Medicinal Herbs
– Omega-3’s
– Phosphatidylserine
– Melatonin
– Tryptophan
– Taurine

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I want to really thank you for shring your knowledge on Facebook, and especially on your YouTube channel. I watched all your videos, gained a ton of knowledge and started to implement your strategies. Besides that, your charisma makes watching the videos much more interesting. Thank you for that!

Nicholas P.

Dr. Van’s videos provide a deep understanding of maximizing your body’s true potential!

Zasha H.

Dear Dr. Mike, I wish to thank you for all of your hard work and determination involved in sharing the keys to health. Thanks to you I have been able to perfect my nutrition, exercise program, physical health and mental health. I have learned so much from you and your research in such a small amount of time.

Alejandro D.

Very inspiring channel, thank you! I’ve been following your advice on Intermittent Fasting for a couple of weeks and I can already see a great difference in my performance, improvement in body composition and overall wellbeing. I also recommended it to my clients!

Marija G.

I LOVE your videos! I love your explanations. I’ve lost 100 lbs so far and have about 10-15 to go. I’ve been trying intermittent fasting for about a week and a half, and I feel myself tightening up more!

Tiffany S.

Great information Dr. Van! I have watched every single video that you have made on YouTube and the information has brought so much transformation in my life. I am extremely thankful to you, every week I literally wait for your new videos to come up on YouTube.

Akshay D.

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